NYC: Random Views


There’s no doubt that I’m a planner, but I’ve learned that there’s nothing that brings real, true, honest to goodness delight like a good surprise. On our walks going between set destinations throughout the city, I couldn’t hold back my delight of how many cool and interesting buildings there were. I eventually had to create this compilation around some themes for these random views of New York City.

One of the first themes that I noticed was roof line cut outs. These roof line cut outs help to create more of a space through the illusion of a roof at the top of these buildings. With more and more of us staring down at our phones or just trying to get where we are going, these buildings provide a good reminder to me that its worth taking a breath and looking up to get some perspective.

Another aspect I appreciated on our walks was the wealth of textures. One after another, I was impressed with the detail in the window frames and placement- sometimes leveraging the shape of the glass, but sometimes leveraging the framing instead.

There have been just a handful of places where I think someone can get a good look at the midsection of a building, rather than the street level or skyline view. The rooftop of the Salesforce Transit Center affords this (but isn’t terrible interesting), as does a ride on the L train of the downtown Chicago loop, but none are as spectacular as the view from the High Line. I can’t recommend enough to anyone visiting New York City, whatever the weather to take a stroll. I’d love to see them complete the High Line all the way around the city- one can only hope!

I’m looking forward to my next trip to serendipitously discover more random views.