NYC: New York Times


Where to start on this trip to New York City? Heading there at the last minute, I didn’t have much of a plan except what was left over from my last trip- that being the New York Times building. Its probably well known by now what a huge Renzo Piano fan I am so when I didn’t get to visit the last time, I certainly wasn’t going to let this chance pass me by.

Stern and sparse on the outside and mostly the same on the inside. I think what I appreciate about his work is the enormous restraint he shows. With all the technology available, I think it’s easy to what’s custom but often custom comes at the cost of function.

The restraint of the space allowed for an impression to be made through simple color applications. The orange is so striking at the scale of its application. My favorite find in the lobby area was the peak into the auditorium- the orange and red coming to life against the utilitarianism of rest of the space.

I didn’t realize there was a courtyard, which sadly didn’t seem functional, since I brought that up earlier. I think there was a missed opportunity there for the courtyard to be a sanctuary space- from the buzz of the newsroom, from the buzz of new york streets, from the intensity of reporting. I have a moment of zen just looking through the glass at the pristine, quiet, landscaped courtyard- perhaps that was enough.

Like many other buildings, I wasn’t able to make a run through the rest of it, but would certainly love the chance to. Renzo makes his space functional and as a backdrop to the people and content flowing through it- I really appreciate this.

Website: New York Times Building

Address: 620 8th Ave #1, New York, NY 10018