Los Angeles: Bradbury Building


The first of many stops on my list of buildings to see in Los Angeles, the Bradbury Building set a high standard for the rest. Jammed amongst other high rises in downtown LA, one would never know that this gem existed amongst the rest.

Upon entry, its breathtaking the height of the interior atrium. Most atriums like this are reserved for grand spaces like hotels or galleries where people will sit or linger, so its fascinating to see it used for what could be commonly considered just any old office building where people are mostly passing through.

Then there is the craft. From the brick work to the extensive iron detail, every single square foot of this atrium is considered with great attention. The lighting is beautiful and because the building is still in use, the quiet amongst that light creates a mysterious atmosphere.

Website: Los Angeles Conservancy: Bradbury Building

Address: 304 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013