San Simeon: Hearst Castle


William Randolph Hearst is immensely relevant to the trends we see in the journalism today. Sensationalism in its nascent form.

He was incredibly rich and built what can only be considered a castle, nestled along the beautiful coast of mid California. He imported everything from Europe and his taste reflected the values of the times- the older the reference the better (and more expensive of course).

We took this trip to attend our friend’s wedding at the Madonna Inn (another eccentric work of architecture). There are many various tours that are offered- all are worth it to learn the history of Randolph himself.

The pool. It was the last stop of the tour and by far the most elegant part of the building.

The celestial suite which was part of our Upstairs Suites tours, was just that- celestial. I wish I had some pictures of the texture of the rooms- it was quite islamic in its influence, which was peppered elsewhere in the castle.


The reading room was also another great room. With its vaulted ceiling, it reminded me of a place to study, rather than a place to read. It sat next to Randolph’s office if I remember correctly.


Every part of the castle was decorated- covered in medieval works of art, many religious, or adorned with detailed craftsmanship. There was no expense spared for this castle and if ever in the neighborhood, its well worth the visit. We had the kids in tow which made it hard to stay longer, but I would have enjoyed taking some of the other tours as well.

Website: Hearst Castle

Address: 750 Hearst Castle Rd, San Simeon, CA 93452