Miami: Pérez Art Museum (PAMM)


No doubt in my mind that Herzog & de Meuron are my top 3 favorite list of contemporary architecture firms. So, so consistently interesting and thoughtful.

My second stop of the day, after visiting Vizcaya– a building from a completely different era.

What makes this building extraordinary I feel is the urban planning that is paired with it. Located in a museum part, it sits across the way is the Frost Museum of Science (which I did not have to visit, but seemed like worth an visit on an architecture tour (next time!))

Again the location on the water (a huge theme in Miami), it felt like a great location for taking in the view.


Coming from this context and approaching the building, the entrance is actually a bit hidden without any strong labeling. The density in the choice of material makes the front doors quite stoic compared to the loftiness of the rest of the building.

My favorite building in San Francisco is by them as well and its because there’s a bench at the end of the building where you can overlook a courtyard. And to boot, in PAMM, there’s the exact same experience. Sitting on this bench and looking out- its very contemplative and quiet. Good for a pausing moment in life.

The lighting was fluorescent in most of the rooms with the windows shaded. I wasn’t a huge fan. They used it again in the 1111 Lincoln garage.

The floor plans were quite uniquely bridged together by a staircase that also served as an auditorium. I felt that Rem Koolhaus used this technique in his student center in the Netherlands to great effect as well.

Being a modern art museum, with sculpture and exhibitions being a popular focus, I likes that the building was able to accommodate these with an awning. Under the awning, the building itself had interesting overhangs and uses of different materials.

With its patio right on the waterway, palms trees and all- this is what makes Miami right here. Leveraging the outdoors whenever possible and having no shame about it at all.


Website: Pérez Art Museum Miami

Address: 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132