San Francisco: 450 Warriors Way (Garage)

A find like 633 Folsom, where I was on the way somewhere else, is a delightful surprise! BAM! There’s a parking lot theme for sure considering my real purpose for being in the Mission Bay area was another parking lot that had caught my eye since it was constructed (UCSF Mission Bay Parking Lot). I … Continue reading

San Francisco: 633 Folsom

Well under construction, but not yet finished, was the compelling facades at 633 Folsom. I was on my way to Mission Bay and full stopped to take a look at this building. I even bothered to find parking, which I also did luck out on. The reflections on the scales themselves looks like ripples on … Continue reading

Washington, D.C.: Union Station

This will likely be my last post for a while. Wrapping up my trip in the autumn of 2019 was a stop in Washington D.C. So much about this trip was being surprised- and having the space to be just that. Looking at the Grand Central Terminal on the same trip, I was amazed at … Continue reading

NYC: Grand Central Terminal

I’m not sure what it is about Grand Central Terminal, but as someone partial to great architecture, I have to think that its a testament to its impeccable layout. There is a flow to this building that is unforgettable. For the longest time, my friend and I stood in the central hall as if looking … Continue reading

NYC: 520 West 28th St

So gutted by Zaha Hadid’s death. Talk about someone with vision. This wasn’t on one my list either but what a view from the High Line. It reminded me a bit of the honeycomb high rises in Chicago- not really sure how those curves spaced work out in the end- but they are memorable no … Continue reading