Tokyo: Prada Store

Herzog and de Meuron are my “secret” favorite architects. Rooting for them is like rooting for the Yankees or the Steelers for that matter (which is really saying something for me). They are just too good all the time. Hard to deny that they are really excellent engineers with a true talent for design. This … Continue reading

Tokyo: Meiji Shrine

Located in Yoyogi Park, the forest that surrounds the Meiji Shrine is just as transcendental as the shrine itself. A breath of calm after the craze of Tokyo. Website: Japan Tourist Website Address: Yoyogi Park

San Francisco: California Academy of Sciences

Renzo Piano is one of my favorite architects. Never anything too flashy, but very classic and technical. The Academy of Sciences is not my favorite by him, but it makes companion to the De Young Museum across the plaza. The Academy offers a program called “Nightlife” in which the museum stays open in the evening. … Continue reading

Mill Run: Fallingwater

A classic, must visit for any architecture fan. The Mill Run area is quite beautiful and Ohio Pile is nice for a bike ride on a nice day. Falling Water does seems like its just holding together… I cannot say enough about how much this building captures the real life experience of Wright’s philosophy. Website: … Continue reading

Sintra: Quinta da Regaleira

This place is a quick train ride outside of Lisbon, but well worth it. The town of Sintra is truly beautiful. Quinta da Regaleira is distinct from the rest of the architecture in the area- in fact, the place is insane. The lavishness and obsessive attention to detail is overwhelming. My favorite room is the … Continue reading