Vienna: Adolf Loos

There were 2 defining architects for me during my undergraduate studies- Carlo Scarpa and Adolf Loos. I was lucky enough to visit a few of both of their works on a summer architectural tour of Europe in 1999. We didn’t spend a lot of time in Vienna- but I’d like to go back and visit … Continue reading

Rotterdam: Kunsthal

I’m a big fan of Rem Koolhaus. I saw him speak once and talk about esoteric- but in the most fascinating way. He finished the IIT Campus Center while I was at the Institute of Design- oddly, I do not have any pictures of his work- nor Mies for that matter. That being said, Kunsthal … Continue reading

Rotterdam: Kubuswonig

Such a curious work of architecture. I went to visit in the summer of 1999, but didn’t actually go inside one of the houses until 2011 on a return visit to Rotterdam. I think part of the issue is that the house available for tour is not very well maintained, nor is it very well … Continue reading

Paris: La Défense

La Défense. Hands down one of my favorite buildings of all times. I haven’t been inside or even returned to the site since my first and only visit in 1999. And I’ve been back to Paris many times since then. The beauty of this building ties into the context of the city of Paris, the … Continue reading